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Solar Energy Solutions

Natural Power

We create and deliver bespoke solar energy solutions to the commercial, industrial and public sectors for new build, refurbishment projects and for existing buildings. With our leading expertise, we can provide you with an integrated package, from the design & consultation stage right through to installation and performance monitoring. We deliver what we commit with honesty, fairness, reliability and uprightness in whatever we do. We serve our society through promotion of solar energy products & services as well as community initiatives

On-grid solar & Off-grid solar

On-grid or grid-tie solar systems are by far the most common and widely used by homes and businesses. These systems are connected to the public electricity grid and do not require battery storage. It can save up to 60% - 80% bills

An off-grid system is not connected to the electricity grid and therefore requires battery storage. An off-grid solar system must be designed appropriately so that it will generate enough power throughout the year and have enough battery capacity to meet the home’s requirements, even in the depths of winter when there is less sunlight. Off-grid solar systems can save 100% bills.


Free & Green Energy From Sun

Eco friendly and most renewable energy source in the planet.

Maintenance Free

Solar energy systems generally don’t require a lot of maintenance. You only need to keep them relatively clean.

Bills Savings

On-grid solar systems can save upto 60%-80% bills and Off-grid solar systems can save 100% bills.

Future Power

Solar energy is the one of the most dependable energy for future.

Save the Planet

Creates clean, renewable power from the sun and benefits the environment.


  • Pure sine wave inverter with 93% peak efficiency
  • In-built Solar charger controller
  • Double surger power capacity
  • Advanced monitoring software included
  • Selectable input voltage range based on appliances
  • Auto restart function and cold start functions
  • Overload and short circuit protection
  • Compatible with mains voltage and generator power
  • Advanced charging algoritham for improved battery perfomance